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  1. It is very difficult to comprehend the extent of Libya’s prisoner-inhumanity even in the face of tech-advancement today. Okay – Gaddafi is gone but this BLOODSHED MUST stop! We all know that this is a, “master-replace-master” scenario. Now, if you are found on the battlefiel­d with a gun, then you have to accept the consequenc­es but what of those rounded-up because they are related to another relation to another one who married another? I cannot hear the black-civil rights leaders complaining about the killing of blacks and Africans??? I cannot hear the condemnation of the killing of Christians­? We are listening to hear the ‘complain-gurus’ to speak out! What happened? Is this not your cause or you are afraid of offending a particular group or offending their ideology? Remember this: if you do not speak-out today then forever remain quiet. 9millionvoices don’t want to know what Angelina Jolie ate, 9millionvoices don’t want to know about Carrey-whatever getting tuna, 9millionvo­ices don’t want to know about how JLO collapsing-4-attention while getting paid or the fickleness of Beyoncé or Oprah’s her self-involved-couch.
    We are talking of speaking-out today! We have no control over tomorrow unless you speak out about the evil of today! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have sent several emails to the WH, some congressional staff.
    Thank you!

    About writer and founder of 9MILLIONVOICES.ORG
    MM KIRSCHBAUM, RN-BC, CMSRN, BSN -Inducted/accepted into International Association of Nurses and awarded Certificate of Recognition/Certified Medical-Surgical/accredited American Board of Nursing Specialties. A prolific writer: Sudden/Self Caregiver, I Need of Favor, Attract Love – A Simple Prayer, Lord! Hear My Cry, Obtaining Supernatural Favor, Restore Your Marriage, Self Help, Why Do I Keep Worrying? A step into the Supernatural etc. all available – Amazon/kindle.

  2. If you have a tint of African blood in you – you will know that generations to come will suffer and continue on this path as blood cry for blood – this is not democracy but blood-crazy! For those playing to the camera for everything in the name of civil-rights – I hope they saw a lot of blood-curdling cry of that will cry out for generations! Let the black-leaders who remain quiet be ashamed for turning their face away. 9millionvoices

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