This Christmas

.  I kept wondering what we got from the visit. My friend could have well have had a good conversation with her pillow  or pet. As far as she was concerned, she was satisfied and excited .  the consellor did listened, appeared attentive  except the watching-glancing moments. Anyway, my friend did not seem to care as she piqued out story on husband number three, then husband two. She was recalling the mischief of husband number one when our time was up.  But my friend changed after the visit. She was elated, and even suggested we have lunch. Two days later, she was on the phone,  frustrated with husband number two who was delaying in bring their son at the specified time. Oh, she heard from one of her ex-mother-in-laws that husband number one was getting married. Let I forget, she called the mother-in-law, “just to say hallo.”  She worried that the marriage may not last (she hopes) and that it would last. She consider it a slap on the face if any of her ex have a suceful marriage. You see, she will not be highly regared by friends/family. I empathized with her but could not be her spy at the wedding. It will not help her – this man is moving on with his life. This can be an emotional  challenge.

From the beginning of exixstence, we observe the power of the word.  God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.  He said it and it came to be, it happenined. For those who have another theory about how the univers  came about, this may be contencious. I belive they are, worring over a dramatic creation of events that they know nothing about. Why should anyone limit the power of God? His power is unlimited. Now, there is power in what you say. In Proverbs 18:21 it states that, the tongue has the power of life and death. I was just completing a quit shift at work when a nurse asked me if I was feeling okay. I was surprised at her comment because I felt alright and was able to complete and catch-up with my  shift documentations. Then she turned to another nurse and said, “it look as if you are suffering from cold.”  I wondered at this comment. By the time  I began givng report, I was sniffling, my eyes began to itch. As I drove back home, my throat was itching and I had to breath with mouth opened. I got home had a warm shower, went ot bed.  Within four-hours I was making an appointment to see a physician. i kept thinking of the comment made by that nurse for several days.

Jesus spoke,  healings, miracles manifested. Even for seekers who has an pesimisteci  outlook, they received  healing. At this juncture, we may examin the positive thinking as a root of some issue but it does not delay or affect God in the manaifestaion omiracleds., the inclination to be in optimistic, is helpful to the  well being . not everyone combines positive mood with  problem solving. Some of us may complain and complain then get it right while others have no problem with orders or issues. Again, how powerful are your words? Honestly, it is easy to advice someone to develop  a positive thinking mindset which will result in  happiness, good health, success etc. in reality, a person who has just lost a dera one or is grieving will be taken to a 72hour-mandatory hold in a pyschaitrit hospital. I do not totalliy rule out positive tihnikn but it is a gradual and sometimes painful process.  The first week of a devastating incident, our brain will still be trying to process the  situation in such a way that our mind can graps the event. It will take some days, weeks or years for some of us to  trust and know that the decision and choices have being well thought through. We are not gods but we are the children of God, your Creator.

Let us make it a 3-days prayer-process. You may repeat it as you wish and you may  call it up on your kindle or ereader.  follow the prayer process deligently and it shall be well with you in Jesus name, amen.

Day One:

Find a place you and a time you can spend just 5-minutes.

I am praying that the  blessing of God be upon you. Do not be afraid,  God will hear and console you, in the name of Jesus. 


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