What if you feel unwanted?

What if you feel unwanted?

Somehow, you know it…you know it!  You feel stressed emotionally, financially, physically, you  even feel sorry for yourself. The problem may not be about you. For instance, Andy’s sweetheart said she hated beer, and then she said she could not stand the smell of his perfume. Suddenly, his once, great jacket was called, “ugly, smelly and sissy”. The harder Andy tried to  impress her, the more she complained. The truth was that, she wanted out because she was separated from her husband and 2 kids. She kept that part of the story from Andy. 

God is merciful. I referred him to the story of Joseph and his brothers.  Though they hated him and tried to kill him, God turned it into good. Your situation may be very challenging but God will turn your stubborn case into a successful story in the name of Jesus. You will have a story to tell others and do not be despair. God will do a new thing in your life. There is POWER in, the Blood of Jesus and it is there for you!



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