The “Why-Me-syndrome”

The “Why-Me-syndrome”

“why me, why me of all people?’ this is a real question, you may have asked it at one time or another, I have asked it – but not really expecting and answer. I knew the answer, you also may have known the anwers. The reason is because it has to be  somebody. It could ne you, me, I, them…whatever.

According to the Suicide Fact Sheet 2010 from*prevention, suicide  is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans. Though it is considered a part of the problem, many more survive the  attempts with  seriously injurier warranting  medical care for the rest of their lives. Can we agree that this is not a pleasant topic to talk about because of the effects, stigma of  families, friends,children, classmates and communities. Everyone tend to pick a blame form the incident and decide to carry it around like a crosss. I met  a very polite and caring nurse who told me her 26-year old son commintted suicide, as a result, she goes to schools twice a month to interact with other kids.  She talks to them and feels confident that her relationship with them would, right whatever wrong she felt about her son.

 It is a painful experience and a subjective emotional pain. No one can know what you are going through, we can only speculate. So, be strong for you are not alone.


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