7-Critical Prayers during Marriage conflict

1.  I cancel any known and unknown extra-marital connection/affairs in my marriage, in Jesus’ name.

2.  My God return my husband back to me.  I want …..…. (H name) and children to have ears for me in Jesus name

3.  I condemn any acrimony, unhappiness, external stress disturbing my marriage, in the name of Jesus.

4.    I reject every thought of hopelessness, helplessness and frustration in my marriage and ……….. in name of Jesus.

5.    My God, my Father, give me divine wisdom to handle the truth which shall be revealed to me, in the mighty name of Jesus

6.  King of kings and the Lord of lord my heart is heavy concerning………………………hear me now in Jesus name.

7.  You are my fortress, let me  not be afraid of anyone such as……………… instigating conflict in my marriage.



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