Need For Companionship (ATRRACT LOVE -Amazon/Kindle)


The Need For Companionship (Amazon/Kindle) 

 Part One 

I realized that one can be in a crowd, among friends, among contemporaries and have the need for companionship. You may even be the highest paid celebrity, king, queen, president or the man/woman of the moment yet, alone. There is something about this need that it can heal, kill and men human races have gone to war for taking this enigma lightly.

Perhaps you just picked up a tabloid or noticed a flash screen message that, confirms Mr. /MS $$$$X trillion attempted or successfully took their live. If the family is fortunate, there will be a message and in some cases the family gets no answers. The wheel turns and the family begin to suffer the consequences. A fresh journey starts with littered sign-posts such as, “when, why, how did they not notice.” Self-blame becomes self-depreciating and guilt for a long time to come.



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