When You Arrive At The ‘Red-Sea Situation”

When You Arrive At The ‘Red-Sea  Situation”

This is a two part story. Part One.

Ben had just moved out of the house he shared with Florence. When they married five years ago, nothing prepared Florence was the trophy wife. Their three children were fun, respectful and loving. Both in-laws kept their appropriate distance and would not interfere unless asked. Money was not a hassle. They had a perfect family, the typical American family, they were living the dream.   Those beautiful years seem far, far away. That was, the period when Ben would literally be on his knee declaring his love for his wife and children. What went wrong? So, she drove out to talk to their pastor. About half a mile to the house, she noticed police cars and heard the loud shrilling sirens. She drove on and upon reaching the perimeter of the house, there was an ambulance making the turn. She discovered that, the pastor and wife got into a physical combat that left both screaming for 911.


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