O our God, we trust in you, let us not is put to shame

God of the Living

Father in heaven, we implore you to watch and see how these families struggle physically, emotionally and financially. You are the father of the fatherless, the husband of the widow. You are the first and the last – there is none like you?”

You are the Lord of hosts; you are the King of Glory.  O our God, we trust in you, let us not is put to shame in the issue related to …………… (Mention your desire) in the name of Jesus – amen.

(Please, take a minute here – for this prayer objective – make physical motion by touching the top of your head. Pray it on your children, pictures of loved ones. You may say this as many times as will comfort you. Do not be discouraged; be strong for the family and it shall be well with you)

 “I plead the blood of Jesus over my body, soul and spirit. BLOOD OF JESUS CLEAN ME, refresh me. I want favor concerning………..……. (Mention your desire).

Father, make it come to pass quickly. Take all the glory, all the victory and the entire honor in Jesus name – amen!”


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