There is good news – we are not helpless.

Oh, my precious  reader, the grip-of worrisome fear is like the cobra’s grip. The sacrifice by our men and women who are fighting for a better tomorrow is very noble, nevertheless, there households are suffering. If we know the solution, it will then cancel out the problem. Needless to say, war is a season in life and inevitable due to our imperfect tendencies.

I pray that,  fear  will be cancelled out in Jesus name.  Remember, these brave men and women make sacrifices in hostile, foreign surroundings. In some instances, they pay the ultimate through life, limbs and post-traumatic episodes.

There is good news – we are not helpless.  Military families are courageous in the face of uncertainty and wavering hope. We are going to pray that their sacrifice will not be the ultimate in Jesus name. We want to say, “thank you” to the living and not to the dead.

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