Part One: She just wanted to care for others and was lonely.

On this one occasion, there was a discussion about a widowed elderly lady in their neighborhood. She lived alone and often made constant visits and playing with the children. Everyone laughed about her numerous visits with incongruous remarks. As they finished  dinner, the lady was at the door with a home-made apple-pie. Their four-year old son, who was getting ready for bed, hugged her as his mother took the apple-pie to the kitchen. The lady lifted him up lovingly and playfully sang a goodnight song to him. As their son was going upstairs, he turned sadly to their visitor. Suddenly, he said, “I don’t think I will see you again.”

Then he continued in a sincere yet, despondently, “mum and dad are complaining that you need a job to keep you from disturbing us with your visits.” The visit became a crying session for the elderly widow and tons of apologies by every member of the family. She did not come to visit May Day after this incident which worried them. With guilt-ridden consciences they will drive over to see her. They took movies, home meals and invited her weekend shopping.  Somehow, they discovered the truth which is, they are now the ones to establish and honor her visit. The woman had proven herself and she has gained her honor by staying in her house until she is invited.

The family would wish she never heard this comment because she was a gunroom lady, loved the children and usually remember birthdays, and give very generous gift. She asked for nothing in return but acceptability from the family. She just wanted to care for others and was lonely. Getting over thirty years of marriage that was suddenly dissolved by death was uphill-battle. They had no children, an issue she thoroughly regrets.  Subsequently, both parties worked to repair the relationship. After some guilt-ridden apologies, the family decided to visit the elderly lady. She had not visited in three days, while they miss her presence there was still lingering regrets, as expected. So, by the third day, they decided to visit their elderly friend late in the day.  They knocked and called-out her name several times with no answer.  (Will conclude in next post).


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