Be Brave!

This is from a blog site.

There is a need for you to be brave in the presence of unruly situations. Only Jesus can understand because He suffered on the cross, in no small terms.  For example, pain is always a subjective experience. As a nurse, I cannot prove or disprove patient’s report of pain. I can only rely on the reliable indicator of pain if, the patient has cognitive abilities to speak and point to the area causing pain. I cannot assume simply by, how the patient behaves. A pain rating scale of, 0 (for no pain) to 10 (highest possible pain) will assist me to identify a pain intensity.  All these assessment will be used in determining comfort and function of treatment goal. A care plan can be pharmacological and/or nonpharmacologic relief. There are  considerations such as, the intensity, character, onset, duration, and aggravating relieving factor. Other issues such as, past and current experiences, effectiveness of the methods used to manage the pain, coping methods, other precipitating events such as loss of appetite, guarding, grimacing, moaning, crying will be considered in the scheme of events. But only the patient really knows the whole story. When we are hurting, it is difficult to articulate just how or what we are experiencing. That is a reason why this book is for that stubborn marriage situation.


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