Part One


I dedicate this publication to JEHOVAH-JIREH, the LORD who provides for those who ask. I give Him all the glory, honor, adoration, exaltation for there is none like Him in the heavens or the earth. 




This publication is a prayerful piece of work that will support, promote and lend a hand to you. Despite your situation you will prosper and it shall be well with you in Jesus name – amen. M. M. Kirschbaum.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am grateful to the Children of Prophet Elisha (COPE) for double-potion prayers, commitment, and conviction in the word of GOD. I pray God’s blessings on those who shared their stories – thank you! Names/places/situations are varied to protect, respect confidentiality and privacy. All Scripture quotations derived from the Holy Bible, King James Version. Portions may be used to the glory and exaltation of GOD.






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After working in the same factory for twenty-seven years, the news of bankruptcy was specifically hard-hitting for Steve. In the character of most large companies, the management proposed mouth-watering severance for the top executives but a three-month severance package for others. There was plenty of uproar, anger and betrayal as a result of inconsiderate actions implemented by the executive management. The top echelon circle went into hiding leaving the public-relation staff and attorneys to deal with the crises. Steve and his colleagues were confronted with the actuality of big corporation’s insensitivity to the plight of the ordinary worker. It was an open-talk that, the arrogance of the management escalated the financial crises in the company. Promises failed as the financial atrocities of the top-management echelon became public.


The next morning stern-faced security persons managed the company’s large rolling gates. A sign-post informed workers that the bankruptcy was unavoidable with the management handing over to the bankruptcy team.   As Steve walked back to his car, he experience an acute case of dizzy spell as, he murmured over and over: “No, this cannot be happening, this cannot he happening.” Yet, it was happening.


He felt extremely helpless and hopeless and wept profusely. Many things barraged his mind from the family’s uncompleted living quarters, children’s tuition, wife’s failing business, father-in-law’s hospitalization. Without money, none of these could be attended to. All his life he had worked hard to avoid this type of calamitous quagmire but it has come full-force to his face. All his life, he had worked hard, received several employee of the-month awards, and taken care of his family to the envy and appreciation of friends. Now, with no job, no prospect, no other skills to weather the situation, Steve had reached the brink of despair.

For days he could and would not eat during family dinner. Everyone seem to be mourning even to their family dog was unusually quiet. Steve he tried to pray but all he could do was cry through the night.

He had no plan for such a time as this nor did he know what next to do. His wife was taking it as hard and he was worried that her emotional support would flounder.

He had done everything to keep his family happy, attended weekly church service, gave his dues, tithes and offering without wavering. He was a father, husband and church elder but within three-months of reading newspapers at home, Steve encountered incredible humiliations in his search for work. Even his family appear to be or from friends but from his own close family members getting impatient with him. Meanwhile, the bills continue to pile-up, credit collectors became incessant and government bureaucracy delayed any offer. At a point, he began to have dangerous thoughts especially after his father-in-law passed away and he could not attend. He just could not face his in-laws. Gradually, his wife also began to drift away – Steve had become a no one in his own home. This was the turning point. It was either stand or fall.


The next case scenario is about a lady we will refer to as, ‘Betty.’

Betty was just 14 years old when she ran away from her foster parents.  She lived on the streets and did whatever she had to do to survive.  Men paid well for her services but the street dugs devourer. By the age of 27 years, there was little to nothing left. She stood by the usual corner every day running from the police, two ex-pimps and to the cars that slowed-down. None was successful. She got arrested by the police many times to count, beaten by the pimps who demanded cuts and could not compete with other younger girls.  She had lost most of her teeth, have bruises from cigarette burns and have not seen a doctor in seven years. In this hopeless situation, it just a matter of time before she became a part of homicide statistical analysis.



Our third case scenario is related to a young man that we shall refer to as: ‘Johnson.’ The news came via the television. He sat on his work stool and watched as flames bellowed out from neighborhood.  He could not distinguish which house was their family home except the colorful television pole on their roof-top. He heard the commentator say something like people trapped in the basement of some of the houses. Anyway, that was the last thing that he heard as he collapsed.  Johnson opened his eyes to discover peeping machines all around him. He quickly recognized he was in the hospital. It was a good place to die, he thought to himself. This is the place he was going to finish it all. There was no place to go back to, no family, and no nothing. All he ever worked for and all his efforts was perished in the fire within minutes. He noticed someone at the door, he closed his eyes again. He does not want to talk to anyone or some pastor, he would just lay down and pretend to be asleep. He was just hoping the nurse would go away. He wanted no help but to simply pass away.

Then he heard a familiar voice. It was his wife. She began to cry. Yes, their house perished in the flames but she was at the corner grocery store with their two daughters. One question he asked his wife was: “How can the just live by faith in this manner of situation?”


 These scenarios are just three of the thousands, millions of hopeless cases where all seem lost. No hope, no way and no desire. A majority of us have gone through so many adversities that we are questioning the veracity of God’s existence. This critical question warrants a critical examination in the light of God as the all-powerful One. I pray that you will also be able to say that,



Let us examine a few scenarios from the Holy Bible. Let us begin by examining the question posed by Johnson to his wife which is: “How can the just live by faith in this manner of situation?”

There is something about challenging times that shakes even the faith of the elects. By this, I am referring to the faith of our fathers such as, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Samuel, David, Elijah, and Elisha, Daniel on and on. The key is trusting the LORD who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent and the good Shepherd.


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