I dedicate this publication to JEHOVAH-JIREH, the MOST-HIGH GOD, and THE PROVIDER.
With divine effort, your dreams shall prosper. Please dream well and dream big for we serve an immeasurable and everlasting God! It shall be well with you in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ – amen.
M. M. Kirschbaum.

I am grateful to the Children of Prophet Elisha (COPE) for double-potion prayers, commitment, and those who shared their stories – thank you! Names/places/situations are varied to protect, respect confidentiality and privacy.

978-1-937318-13-0 I WILL PROSPER AGAIN

Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved

All Scripture quotations derived from the Holy Bible, King James Version. Portions may be used to the glory and exaltation of GOD.

The main objective of this publication is to encourage and inspire you related to issues that have become controversial and troubling in Christendom. We cannot boast or be content with the hostile pressures of life. It is at this point, we must anticipate miracle. It never fails. God must manifest his power because you place your trust in him. So shall it be in your life today in the name of Jesus – amen. He will not abandon you. It may be rough or cloudy but he will not fail you. He will not let you down. Take this anywhere; he has being proven over and over to be the God who is our banner, who keeps his promises no matter how it turns out to be.
In one of the publications earlier written concerning worry and related in detail in the title: “THE DRONES OF LOCUST CAME AND ATE EVERYTHING…THEN A MIRACLE.”
“Flo and Ben who were married for happy and normal years until he moved outflow was very easy going and seemed to be laughing with his eyes even from their first meeting. They were blessed with three respectful and loving children. They had made the typical American family dream.
When they married years back, nothing prepared Flo other than, a trophy wife. Recently, they began quarreling incessantly. Ben developed the habit of finding every excuse to go out each evening and would fly to the phone when it rings. If asked who called the reply, it was always ‘wrong-number.’ Flo could not handle the charade. She was afraid for her children without a father figure. This was something she suffered when she was young. As other children talked about their father, she simply looked on with admiration.
On this note, Flo decided to explore the only option visible, their church pastor and his wonderful wife. They preached together and seem to be the envy of every member of the church for the love they exuded.
As she approached the house, she observed loud shrilling sirens from the opposite direction. As she drove close to the house, she observed the pastor in torn clothes and patches of blood being led into a police vehicle. Meanwhile the EMT ambulance was getting the bloodied wife for hospital.  Shaking Flo discovered that, the pastor and his wife got into a physical combat that left both screaming for 911.
She was terribly shaken and called one of the churches elder. She was in another shocker when she heard from neighbors that, the pastor’s family are notorious for jumping into the ring for matches and re-matches.  Worse, this fighting escalated as the pastor’s has been flaunting his girl-friend, a young member of their congregation. Even when he was cautioned by the church elders, he had a ready defense: “King Solomon loved many women.” What really churned Flo’s stomach was how this same pastor and his wife could hold weekly classes on the sanctity of marriage?
Flo’s sister sent me an email concerning this issue. I replied with a free copy of, ‘Restoring Your Marriage Supernaturally and Secretly in 5 Days.’ Within hours, I received another email directly from Flo that, she was ready to fast, pray and step into the supernatural realm on her knees. Prayer-we-walk is a do-it-yourself outfit. Everyone is encouraged to go into conversation with their Creator and the Host of heaven because of His eternal loving-kindness. This is the logic; learn to do battle for yourself by growing in the Word of God. If you wait until you are thrown into the lion’s den before you learn to pray, unfortunately the hungry lions will not give you a chance. They would not even allow you to land on your feet before devouring you. We must never cease to pray. Let us make it a habit a part and package of our lives. This will empower you and Jesus will manifest power now as when he did it then. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  
In this case, Ben returned to his family and the process of healing was boosted by family prayer, forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation.  If you notice, these items are some of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Love will return but it will be gradual and steady.  What the family needed was not for Ben to simply walk back into their lives and take the children to school, jump back into bed. All these will come but the healing can be hastened with prayer. Why, you may ask? It is because prayer is a sincere openness into the fears and worries that ally us. It is the ultimate of power. It is the supernatural step that every Christian or person should attempt to inculcate into their lives. This is essential. We give God all the glory all the honor and victory. It is my pray that, every evil cycle, causing repeated problems in your life be broken today in, the name of Jesus.”
Now, Flo will tell us about the season in her family when they harvested and the locust came…then a miracle.
During the period of reconciliation, Flo was laid off at work and Ben had his salary split in half. He had a choice of either quitting the job or accepting the new safe-the-company austerity measures.
Ben and Flo continued to meditate on the word of God every Wednesday with a one-hour Bible-study.   But something was happening. Their pay checks could no longer sustain their life-style.  Their house was foreclosed after a series of long-drawn court cases. Soon, the reality came crashing down. I remembered the phone-call. She said to me: I never knew prosperity had wings… and it could even fly away.”
This made me to pray about the matter because a majority of us have encountered such similar problems.
If the truth be told, riches only move from a place to another. It moves from one hand into another. It does not disappear into thin air. When it is lost, it is meant to be found. Who finds it and how it is found is another issue. In some cases the wealth or essence of the wealth is destroyed in one form or another. One example that has withstood the test of time is that of the patriarch, Job. We all pray for Job’s blessings and not his misfortunes. The reason is simple. No one wants to talk about some old guy scrapping himself with broken piece of pot. Yet, there is plenty to the story of Job for it shows seen and unseen battles fought in another dimension of the heavens of heavens. It also bears out one man’s faith, equaled to Abraham in the Most High God.
There is a strange case of sudden position and wealth manipulation concerning the story of Abigail, Nabal and David. This is from the First Book of Samuel chapter 25.
In the town of Carmel, there was a man named Nabal. He was wealth, in livestock, property, servants and slaves. He also had a very beautiful and smart wife called Abigail. It happened that this wealthy man has a nasty attitude. He was not afraid or polite to hide or display it. Nabal was Nabal whichever way you look at it. It was the shearing of sheep period in Nabal’s house with plenty to eat and give out.
During this period David was also in the wilderness, hiding with his men. The reigning King Saul was using all the executive orders and drones to pursue him about. David heard that Nabal was shearing his sheep – an immense occasion for generosity and good-will.
David heard about it and knew about the shepherds they protected in the wilds. Since if he had to beg for food from any quarters, Nabal’s company would be the best place to go. This would be the appropriate person because their shepherds, sheep and servants had nothing missing. They were protected day or night. The where not insult them, and nothing of theirs was missing all the while they were in Carmel. Ask your young men and they will tell you. Therefore receive my young men favorably, for we have come on a feast-day. Give also whatever you and sent messages of prosperity, opulence and peace to Nabal with a request for some food since they have come on a festive day.
The matter would have settled here until Nabal replied David’s young men, “Who is David? And who is the son of Jesse? Many are the slaves these days who break away from their masters! Should I then take my bread and my water and my meat that I have prepared for my shearers and give it to men of whom I know nothing?”
When David received the irredeemable reply from Nabal, he declared war on his whole family. “Let every man put on his sword.” So they all put on their swords. David also put on his sword; and about four hundred men followed David, and two hundred stayed with the baggage.
Thankfully, one of the young men told Abigail, Nabal’s wife, “David has just sent messengers from the wilderness to greet our master, but he insulted them. The men have been very good to us and we have not been harmed nor have we missed anything, as long as we were with them in the open country. They were as a wall about us both night and day all the time we were near them guarding the sheep. Now therefore decide what you will do, for evil is planned against our master and against his entire household, for he is such an ill-tempered man that no one can say a word to him.”

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