Part 2: When You Arrive At The ‘Red-Sea Situation”

When You Arrive At The ‘Red-Sea  Situation”

In brief, Florence has arrived at the ‘Red-sea  situation.” The only option left is to go on her knees and ask her Maker for help. She was desperate and began to cry out to God.

She asked for prayer of agreement. We decided to use a twofold objective, examine the physical and supernatural aspects. Just as you have been two-sides to a coin so are the supernatural and the physical dimension. There is a time that God will rise above our circumstances, and this is such a time! There is a time to look unto Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith – this is the time. Yes, there are demons, but we should look to Jesus. He died. He rose and He is alive. He is knocking and would not force himself into your house or into your heart. The answers may not be what we expect and may not be what we are asking for – one thing is sure. You will get an answer. At the end of it all, you will be grateful for it all.


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