The desire to be rich

Some of us can hear physically very well and that is it. When our Lord Jesus advised us to be as wise as serpents, it is because these creatures have inner audibility which can be illusory. You cannot visibly see their two ears but they can hear the slightest quiver or the minutest vibration. For instance, while on a journey, I heard, “Begin a fast, NOW! It was so audible that I could not even ask any further question. Unknowingly, many Christians are currently in hand-to-hand combat with forces of malicious and mischievous principalities of harassment dimensions in heavenly places but they do not even know it. Why? They are spiritually deaf! That is the reason that we must thank God for His mercies and goodness for all seasons and times. Indeed, if God say yes, who can say no? Included are prayers: FORGIVENESS, SUPERNATURAL FAVOR, CLEANSING, FREEDOM FROM GENERATIONAL COVENANT, WHEN YOU ARE ANXIOUS, PROSPER GENERALLY ETC.


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