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Chapter One -You have the power!

You have the Power! Be confident and convinced about this infallible fact: “God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, of sound mind and of love.” Therefore, He will empower you and you will be victorious, in Jesus’ name. As you are reading this, I am praying that God will manifest His power in your issues, even if you do not believe.

Please, take a moment and think of just one item that you feel grateful about.  Just one item, precious reader, I am only asking for only one item. If you are thinking far into the past do no bother yourself for; the fact that you are reading this publication is a beginning. There are many who will give anything to see the beauty of the sky, to hear the sound of the ocean, to smell vanilla, to understand and utter: “thank-you.” All these or any of the above even, for a moment.

We worry for many reasons and in some cases, these situation arise when you have no control over a situation. Again, you have the power and we are going to do exploit in the name of Jesus. Thank you for accepting or re-accepting Jesus into your life.


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  1. As I continued to pray in this manner, I saw vision of a large gathering. Ordinary people busy eating, drinking, talking, and laughing without a care in the world.
    Then, I noticed a group of five men and four women wrapped in large print-designed America dollars. As they turned to look at each other, the design changed to the American flag design. I noticed the stars of the flags appeared fused at the tips. This way, if you are not familiar with the original design, it appears as a single star with many edges.
    Then, I wondered to myself concerning their odd dress-up. They

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